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Red eyes flared at Koujaku stared at the scene before him. What had once been the largest tag for the Beni-shigure team (one Koujaku himself had done) was now painted over in violent green with an ugly rabbit face in the middle.

The offending team didn't leave their name, but there was no doubt who's it was. Ruff Rabbit, or more specifically..

"Noiz.." he growled through gritted teeth.

That brat...that BASTARD. It was bad enough that he had apparently just walked into Koujaku's territory, but that he had had time to do THIS. It was infuriating. Snapping his fingers, he looked at one of his teammates.

"Clean this up," he growled, turning to stalk away. "I'll be back."

Stalking his way home, Koujaku seethed. That little blond shithead had his nerve. If he saw him again, he was going to rip each of those piercings out of his FACE and stomp them into his chest. Little Rhymer thought he could match up with a Rib master, eh?

Half an hour later, he was back in front of the now disheveled tag. As a rule, he didn't do many tags himself any more. But this was a gauntlet thrown straight at him. A base of red to cover the lingering green, black to solidify it, grey and white for depth...

Setting the spray cans down, Koujaku stretched out his fingers. Unlike most, he took his time with these things now. No sense in rushing. Reaching into his sleeve, he pulled out a large brush. Dipping it into the paint he brought, he set to painting the flowers. This part, for him, was intense..and personal. The imprecise splash of spray cans worked fine for the rest, but these had to be just so when he did them.

A stroke for hate. A stroke for love. A splash of anger, a sweep of beauty.

He stepped back from the now completed work, putting his brush between his teeth for a moment. There were still tiny bits of green trying to show through around the edges, but that was fine. Sometimes it was necessary to leave that. To assert yourself.

Picking up his paint, Koujaku headed home, a smug smile on his lips.

The next day, the same tag had a plain, square rabbit face dead center on it. Scrawled beneath it was "nice try, idiot".


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